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final hearing done!
(05-03-2021, 10:25 AM)Charlie7000 Wrote: Brilliant news and well done - your belief and tenacity shines through.  Astro man found similar- he stayed strong in his belief that what he wanted for his son was the right thing.  I have also had to tell a barrister I wanted something they said probably woukdn’t happen but as a result the barrister did push for what I wanted (an undertaking on that occasion).

Hopefully this forum will be less quiet as the pandemic eases and mods are seeking to improve some areas of admin.

It helped my case enormously too - couldn’t have done it without this forum.  Yes the system is shit and some Judges are good and some aren’t.  And a barrister can sway an iffy Judge.  A confident, well prepared Dad can also do that.  It is wrong that Dads have to fork out loads of money just to see their kids as they should.  The system definitely needs an overhaul.

My bugbear are the moment is teenagers.  Teenagers still need Dads.  Cafcass and Mums are too keen to say they can decide for themselves but we all know this isn’t the case when there is an alienating parent with an ago
Yes not many admin on here these days apart from yourself

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