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Ex trying to reduce contact despite existing court order
Hi all,
Back for some more advice unfortunately!

I fought a long battle with an extremely difficult ex to get a contact order in place, as without it I was just treated like a babysitter and just had the kids at random times when she wanted me to.
Anyway the court agreed to the order I suggested, which was every other weekend, one night during the week and half of school holidays.
Fortunately she generally sticks to the order.
I have moved on have a new relationship and have a 4 Yr and 6 month old.
Last few months she has been pushing the line of 'you can't cope with 4 kids, the kids are upset and won't want to come anymore, they are too scared to tell you.'
This week I've gone away with my 2 young children to give them a break before my 4 year old starts school. So I had to ask her to have the kids this week on my usual night, just one night and morning school drop off. My older kids understood this fine.
This has now kicked off completely ridiculous threats that she is going to file a court order by the end of this week suggesting the children only come at weekends now. She is attempting to brainwash and manipulate the children into saying things, so she can control them and get them to eventually agree to her plan.
I've spoken to the children and they have clearly told me they want to keep coming as they current routine.
They are 10 and 12 so assume their views are now taken into account - which is why she's doing her best to manipulate them.
Honestly I'm extremely worried about her control and manipulation of the children, I'd be happiest if they spent more time with me really.
Still it worries me that she would go back to court and they would not see through her lies and manipulation of the children. She clearly been planning this for a while and she keeps saying 'soon the kids will be able to make their own mind up' and to go with this she introduces them to clubs, skateboarding, guides etc that is on the nights they are with me, but an hour away, so she's knows I can't take them.

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Ex trying to reduce contact despite existing court order - by aj2016 - 06-14-2021, 07:29 PM

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