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end of the fight
Court result. judge recognised the alienation but refused to order our child to go to counselling, ever thou i had it booked and paid for. She is 13 but he repeatly referred to her being 14/15. Too old to force against her will. He would not restart contact even thou i was applying for an enforcement due to order breech. The once a week phone call is now 2 weeks apart. The child was barely speaking to me for the last 2 months. Only answering the phone calls cos its in the order. Its now over for me. Over 10 years fighting. Over 12 court hearings. 
I wish all the other dads the very best of luck in the furture. Dont like the child got too old before starting a court case is my advice. 13 seems to be the cut off. After that age, the ex,s control is not questioned.

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