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Child brainwashing
My 12 year old son message tonight at 9pm saying he wants to stay with his mum tomorrow and watch the England game with his cousins and her. I'm a massive footy fan so was so looking forward to watching the game with him.
Court order says he is with me Wednesdays
His message may as well have been written by her as its completely in her words and style, not his.

If this had been discussed in good time it may have been possible, but she has ensured he sent the message just before bed and will no doubt ensure that he doesn't have his books etc for Thursday so has to get the bus back to hers after school.
I really don't need know how to handle this one. I don't want to push him away but at the same time he is old enough to understand that these things need a conversation in good time not a message that I don't even have time to reply to before bed.
Any advice?

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