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Dear all,

I hope you can stay strong and realise your life could be full of fantastic things in future.

After a share custody agreement in April 2019 I am facing new problems. My ex wife accused me to slap my 8 years old daughter and managed to suspend contact. I am not proud of what I did but was a one of and of course nobody was hurt even slightly. Anyway my wife reported me to social services that close immediately the case. Then not happy took my daughter to a psychologist to extract evidence with no success. Then went to the GP and they found 1 very small bruise on my daughter leg, a week after the event. 100% I did not cause the bruise. still the young GP recommended the mother to contact the Police. The Police was no interested and close the case but involved again social services that this time did an investigation with positive outcome for me (investigation which the mother contest) in the meantime she went to the Court asking to suspend the shared custody agreement and the Judge, this was before social service report, could just agree to suspend.

I see my children which I raised on my own only twice a week in the mother presence. My solicitor suggested in Court that I see my children with an ISW, Independent social worker. they found a provider that will charge £16,000 a months!!! BTW ISW jobs advertised in the area pays £10 an hour!
Perhaps my solicitor mistaken me for a Russian billionaire or Cryptocurrency promoter!  I would spend everything I have for my children but I do not have 16,000 a month on top of solicitors fees (expected to be £50,000)

1) Would you be so kind to recommend an independent social worker in Kent/London that has reasonable pricing? The companies organising this service seem all bandits to me. I suppose I could find a real independent social worker on LinkedIn? I have found only a couple in my area and awaiting reply. I tried to call the Council with no luck.

2) have you got any suggestion that could help me?


Francesco Mosca

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