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Situation re holiday - what should i do
(04-05-2016, 08:19 AM)Norfolk n Good Wrote: Bring it up in mediation, this would then be mentioned in mediation notes written after the event. Obviously there is little you can do about it now, and the ex's behaviour is rather selfish, but if your Son does what he needs to do to stop things "upsetting" his mum then creating a fuss could make things harder for him as he'll be more torn in respect of where his loyalties are.

I know it's pretty crap, but you have to expect the ex to lie on occasions, it's pretty much par for the course....I know mine does but I really can't be arsed to get into a row about is way too short, and ultimately my daughter will see things for what they are.
When she does lie it just reminds me leaving her was the best thing I did. Smile
The courts do not like children being used to find out what is happening in the ex partners house.

The way to bring this up is that you agreed to arrangments based on her providing you will incorrect information. What she was doing during the time the child is with her does not come into this.

What I done to protect myself from my ex messing up my holiday arrangments, is as well as the normal half school holidays being on the order, its stated that in the summer holidays, there must be a period of at least 14 days together, to facilitate me being able to take them on holiday.
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.

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