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Need opinions regarding the ex breaching her own Non-Molestation Order.
Thanks guys that’s what I thought. The wording on the court order states the usual.
Not to harass, intimidate use violence or be aggressive towards her.
Not to instruct others to do the above either.
Not to have direct or indirect contact and not to be within 100 meters of any property she resides in.

When she contacted me it threw me for six, as it has been nearly 6 months since she left and 5 months since the order was granted at the end of March because of my undertaking.
I just have this feeling that because I have provided all of the evidence to the court as requested, as the hearing Monday is to determine if they will be conducting a CAFCASS section 7 report, and ordering a finding of fact hearing. So I think that because she has read my witness statement and seen the evidence I have which all corroborates everything I have said, that she knows her statement used in her Non-Molestation Order will now be seen to be false and full of lies, inaccuracies and in fact used cases of her abusing me to make herself look like the victim. So because she doesn’t have any evidence to counter act the evidence I have provided she must be panicking and trying to get me on anything she possibly can, I imagine she intended to record the call and edit sections out to “prove” I was “lying” and then would also apply for me to have been breaching the order.

Seems to be a common thing I have seen with women who get these orders to abuse their ex husbands, they all seem to break the order themselves when evidence comes to light that discredits them.

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RE: Need opinions regarding the ex breaching her own Non-Molestation Order. - by Akarou - 07-11-2018, 10:58 AM

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