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Financial Settlement Worries
(09-27-2018, 04:01 PM)watsa64 Wrote: You can ignore her demands for the moment - the agreement you reached in mediation is not legally binding (??)
You could in theory stop all payments apart from the Child Support and the mortgage.
Now that she's on her own she's entitled to a lot of benefits - have these been factored in.

Goes without saying I would engage a solicitor properly on this.

thanks for the reply.....

I am ignoring her as its exhausting being away and trying to second guess everything....

I have my moment of clarity and started to look and our original mediated agreement in a different way....yes its not legally binding but it was a great help and sets the building blocks for future agreements. These extra demands are achievable but at a compromise on her part.....i.e. downsize, use the equity for savings, increase hours at work although this will effect her benefits......and accept a change in lifestyle like I have had too..... 

The only winner here is the solicitor although I would like to read their code of conduct given the amount of pressure being applied....

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