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Getting 50/50 residency after mediation
Here's the background, I was married, had two children and now separated going through the divorce process. I have my own flat on a mortgage, self employed business owner, paying child support
Me and the kids mum got on fine until a few months ago and we have just gone through mediation agreeing that I would have the kids 10 nights a month. The days I agreed on are really awkward and mean I never get any weekends off and she has already started changing the agreement to suite her like taking days off me here and there and picking up from school when she shouldn't be
So I feel like I am just being pushed out slowly. 
I wanted to know about the court process, if I go to get a court order what are the chances of me getting 50/50 with the kids rather than 10 days a month. Could it all backfire and I get to see the kids less than I do now? What sort of arrangements do the court make, one day with each parent, one week each, half a week each?
The mum has said she wont let me have more or during the week because it messes with their schedule which is nonesence because they are always very well behaved and go to school on time when with me.

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Getting 50/50 residency after mediation - by philflan - 10-06-2016, 08:58 AM

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