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In middle of court process, help
Hi, been separated over a year now and was seeing the children regularly but this was stopped several months ago for the reason that my ex thought I had mental issues which i certainly did but as a result of the breakdown of the marriage mainly down to my actions.  I ended up taking it to court and now am able to see the children who are both toddlers still at a contact centre on a fortnightly basis.  Apparently my past infidelity is now a risk to the children because I was unfaithful on a lads holiday, but the mental health isnt a risk.  The tune changes each court appearance, in the past year I have changed jobs and earning a lot more, am studying part time, even passed one qualification.  Part of her bundle to court is old emails and phone records which i gave to her for trying to save the marriage and opening up, she says that this is part of the bundle as when i had a mental health report before the last court date I wasnt open enough but partly that is the questions asked were the ones i answered with the doctor.  The court will always look on my old behaviour as immoral and it was but surely need to look at where I have come to in all this time and judge me on where I am at now.  A really scary time as the contact centre has no issues and that can be seen in the contact reports from several months ago as well as the ones being written now after contact has resumed.  On top of this I was seeing the children outside of the contact centre before the full breakdown of the marriage and shortly after at soft play areas which again I will raise, as it seems they are always listening to her reservations instead of looking at what the contact centre reports.  I have got myself in to this mess but I dont really live much of a life apart from work gym and study, i want and need my kids in my life to really keep going.

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