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C79 struct out. Help!!
Hello all, I hope someone can offer me a little bit of advise.

History of the case is I started proceedings back in Jan 2013. 
I was granted a final order which included a full weekend every two weeks, telephone contact every Wednesday, half holidays etc etc.

I managed one weekend and contact was abruptly stopped the day I took him back.
The reason given was that my son was angry with me for reporting his grandmother to the police for common assault which by the way happened in front of my son.
For me this was a perfect reason for my ex to start the alienation process.

I immediately filed a c79 to enforce the order and after various hearings, the judge struct out the enforcement in March 2016 without a contested hearing and that we as parents should make the final arrangements work.

The reason given by the judge was that the likelihood of me winning was slim due to my ex having 2 other kids and was impossible to punish her.

After 6 months without court proceedings I filed a C100 to temporarily vary the final order so that some sort of contact could start with a view to get back to the arrangements of the final order which by the way, its still in force.
During these six months I have tried to communicate with my ex through email. I have been extremely civil and nice, i have suggested ways to start seen my son, for my family to see him to no avail.

The difficulty I see is that I have not seen my son for over a year and a half and no doubt the alienation has taken hold as according to my ex, my son just turned 9, still doesn't want anything to do with me.

I have the first hearing dispute appointment tomorrow and just wanted some brief opinions on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

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