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8 hours a week.
Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read. My name is Luke, my don, Dexter is 14 months old. And I'm sure, like everyone of you reading; my son is my world. 
Jade and I weren't together since before Dex was born. She wouldn't speak to me at all while she was pregnant. I'm approaching 30 and she is newly 25. When he was born (Jan 15), it was always very clinical. All we would do is talk about him. The previous October she started dating someone who would turn out to be her best friend Cat-fishing her. The answers being the logical ones to the questions you my be asking there. Well, since he was born, I would pick him up from nursery 2 nights a week, have him one weekend day - no sleepovers (started Jan gone) - and put him to bed 3 nights. She started dating someone new in October, Ed - I met him, he's a decent person. All was fine until last week. My son has had an unknown chest issue for 8 months now - he's  been to hospital loads and all that stuff involved. Last week I was bathing him and I'd noticed several times, many in fact, that his toys had mould on them and text Jade later saying I cleaned them and she should disinfect them. I also stated that I didn't like that her new bf - who my son met 2 weeks ago, had been sent a card from her fella with a picture of my son from Dexter - her fells had sent it but she said it was from her mum - but was 100% from him. I expressed my dislike of this.
So time later, this week, she told me not to put him to bed as I'll have him Friday, Sat and Sunday - sleeping 2 nights - which I thought was fair. But told me just before, literally an hour ago that I can no longer do any bed times at all and will only be able to have him 8-5 on designated weekends. That was never the agreement. What do I do?
She just changed everything and won't respond to me. 
I'm a student doing a PGCE to go  into Teaching in Primary Schools.  I pay her £200 a month - despite as being a student I could be paying her pittance, I'm in fact not. When I was on 19k before I started my course I paid her £150 but raised it when she said it was super expensive. I took out a loan to make sure she got paid while I was a student. I live in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.
I'm a good Dad. I love my son and he loves me.
I've never had to seek legal advice and was scared of it happening to me. How should I proceed, or am I over-reacting?
Yet, as my best friend so rightly said before - "No woman is above it."
Thank you for any advice and help

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