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[split] Where are you?
Hi, My brother is going through a separation at the minute and I was hoping to get some advice for him.  His wife told him before Christmas that she wanted a break and TOLD him to get out of the family home.  NOw this is going on since the start of December 2015.  My brother has 2 kids aged 3.5 and 5.5, boy and girl.  Every single day my brother who is now staying with my parents illegally (as they are in a house which is only for the parents, no children allowed to stay long term) finishes university, goes up to collect the children and then takes them to my parents house.  Now, his wife said that he is not allowed into the house, but on occasions has asked him to babysit in the house to allow her to go out.
Just the other day she asked if my brother could watch the kids overnight so that she could stay at her parents with her sister whose baby was getting christened and my brother agreed, but then realised that he had a birthday party of one of his friends to attend so told her that he couldn't.  Their son was sick on the day of the christening and she phoned my brother to come and take him to the doctor on his own, which he did.  The next day my nephew was very unwell and my mum who was looking after him phoned the doctor as she was asked to do by my brother.  Mum got an appointment and took my nephew to the doctor.  My brother didn't mind, but apparently his wife went into meltdown saying my mum had no right to do that as she was the primary carer (but she went to her work knowing her son wasn't well).
The next thing she came out with was that she was going to apply for a barring order against my brother and she was changing the locks on the house ( which doesn't matter as she has already taken the keys off him).  He sought advice re his entitlements and was told that he is entitled to absolutely nothing at all.  Can someone give me some advice please.
What does he want to achieve? Is there any hope of a reconciliation?

Sounds like your sister in law wants the best of both worlds, if I was your brother I'd be laying down some ground rules and stick to them. If she wants an unpaid babysitter then she has to allow him to deal with things as he sees fit. He is the children's father and without a court order saying otherwise there is nothing to stop him having sole care of the children if he wanted to take it that far. the same reasoning, if the mum wants to be difficult she can refuse all access and force him to persue this through the route of mediation, and then court action if mediation is unsuccessful.

You mention he sought advice re: entitlements.....what entitlements does he think he has? and what does he want?

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