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Having son over night for first time
Hi, so me and my partner split about a 6 months ago now, and I've only just managed to get settled into my own a flat, which is great but hoping to get my own place soon and not have to share with my mate for long. 

This weekend I'm having my son over for the first time and I'm trying to get the house ready... I haven't had him overnight since he was 8 months! I guess the thing that's worrying me the most is that my mate has a dog, and I'm not sure I trust it with my kid... and as we've never had a pet before it's not ideal really... the dog isn't violent or anything, but if my son doesn't know how to act around them, I don't want him to get hurt.

Any advice?

I've been thinking about getting a safety gate. Does anyone know where I can get something like this from at short notice as he's coming tomorrow?

I've also asked my mate to think about maybe taking his dog for training lessons.. I'll pay, obviously, but at the moment the dog is quite excitable and does like jumping up on people and this isn't ideal really... do you think this would benefit?
Just a few thoughts. Make sure you don't leave your son alone with the dog at ANY time. An adjustable metal safety gate like the one you've linked to will help...don't get mesh (dogs can chew through them, we know from experience!). Argos, Mothercare, John Lewis, ToysRUs (BabiesRus) etc sell a range of adjustable baby gates. As for the dog jumping up, don't know how old your son is, but pick him up and turn your back on the dog as soon as it jumps up. Pet it only when it's sitting still and calm - it needs to know it only gets attention when it does this. You may be surprised - many dogs are instinctively good with small children, but don't allow them to be alone together - that's the only real thing that will keep your son safe. Good luck

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