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11 month Child another on the way non-molestation order HELP PLEASE

I am having a very difficult time in my life, i have had a baby boy with my now ex who is pregnant again with my second child due in 4 weeks.

My ex sneaked out when i went to get the house ready when my son was born and registered the child without me on the birth certificate, later she also got a Brazilian passport and Italian not an English one. When i found out about the birth certificate the following day i was so upset (angry)

As soon as my son was born she would not let me see him (she tried to get me arrested the first day and i had to leave the house)for weeks she didn't answer the phone and would not answer the door to me. I went to her eldest sons school and waited outside one morning. Not in the school by the bus stop. When i saw her she started screaming and saying i was assaulting her and i tried to take my son out of the pram which was not true. The police were called and i waited for them as i had done nothing wrong. I was arrested

I have had the police arrest me 6 times since i have seen this girl never ever touched her, the police have always let me go with no further action. I had her arrested once for assault, she has been violent to me on many occasions. I dropped the charges. She has had to go on a course for violence and social services has been checking her out. 

I was handed a non-molestation order and have breached the order as she agreed to meet me which we did as i was missing my son and she was also pregnant. After the meeting she called the police straight away, i was arrested and now have a community order and a fine.

I have not been violent ever with her my only guilt is calling her and texting her. The messages are very simple ie: How are you doing can you please let me see my son etc.

Can anyone help me, i have lost my job, my flat and my son.

Life is not too good for me and i dont know what to do.

Kind Regards

I am sorry to hear this Barry. Unfortunately, in difficult times such as this and when you have been arrested and charged previously is to keep well away from your ex so that she cannot possibly have a valid reason to accuse you. This also includes the likes of texting. You only need to ring or text on two or more occasions in order to commit an offence of harassment in the eyes of the police, as long as those calls are related. The fact your ex has also had to go on a course for violence also means you should keep well away. Secondly, I urge you seek some legal advice regarding your options. If you can, it is well worth paying for this in the first instance in order to arm yourself with all the facts you need. You may also be able to obtain free advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau. Any parenting courses you can do to prove that you are trying to rectify the situation will help. It may be a slow process, but one you should stick to. Getting back on your feet is the hardest part, when you feel you have lost all you have. But you are not alone in this, so join any support groups that you can, so you can find others to help you through. You have a child and another one on the way, and you should be able to get access to see your children as long as you do everything by the book. Research, read and gather together a strong case and keep your inner goal alive. It may seem like everything is bleak currently, but there are many men in similar circumstances who have come out the other side and things can turn around very quickly when you put your mind to it. You have to have the commitment and the resolve do do everything that is required in order to see your kids and make this your priority to work towards....and of course, stay strong. I hope this helps.

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