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What game is she playing now?
Hi guys and good afternoon. After the initial confusion at the start of the separation (me voluntarily moving out of my house and her calling police when I went back to collect my things etc) I went back today after she sent sms saying my son wants to see me and she agreed I go visit him at my house. Was offered tea and pleasantries but didn't discuss anything about us. Played with son, mowed the lawn and left after about 3 hours.

My situation is a bit different from what I read on this forum because we haven't started courts yet though her lawyer has already indicated they want temporary financials done though they never pushed it: they are also preparing divorce papers which they haven't submitted yet to my lawyer (both September 2016 issues).

1. Today she said she is on depression medication which I'm on as well and that she is having councelling which I'm on as well. Her councelling is with UAVA which means she's going for abuse during marrriage.
2. Our lawyers agreed that we cease fire and wait for my ex's immigration status to be resolved and I guess as soon as she gets her papers to live in the UK it's going to be war! They had also initially threatened a non-molestion order but later, when my lawyer said bring it on, they said they will not pursue it.
3. If she doesn't get visa to stay I think she wants to keep the door slightly ajar so that there is a chance for reconciliation I think (so the pleasantries).
4. She has agreed to customary family negotiations (but obviously she is building her asernal for the battle later) and though my people have tried to make us get back together again she has flatly refused. However she secretly told my bro to continue with the negotiations.
5. She lives in my house from a previous marriage (bought it before I met her) but she has home rights now. (how long do they last and my lawyer said the only way to get rid of that is to divorce?)
6. It seems she is trying to get the house bills into her name. Why I'm not sure since I have been paying them since she arrived in the UK.
7. I moved out - to let things calm down - into a property owned by a company jointly owned by me and my daughter. She has since refused that I move back in. Though that bothers me a bit I not really worried as my lawyer said I'd get it back later.
8. I'm not going to fight for custody or visitation rights (she know it from my previous marriage example and that's why she is fighting hard for me to see my son because that doesn't bother me at all)

Now my question is what's her game plan here? I can't figure it out. Anyone who understands women and lawyers? LOL.
1. Did I make a mistake going to see my son at the house?
2. Should i strike first and start the divorce process now or wait as advised?

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