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bbc bais
OK not sayong not happens this diretcion too, but copme on? what is gonna be usual ditectoion? of parental alienation

how many watyys do dads have to get badd deal??
BBC - Biased Broadcasting Coorperation, it's in the name. Potentially libelous I know, but have you ever heard them run a positive story involving Russia? Very Orwellian. I agree, in the interest of fairness the article should have included a second story in which the mother has alienated the children from their separated father, they need look no further than this forum for examples.
Yeh, this is a bit of an unfair story.

The sentiment is right, but the angle they have taken is a bit of a joke.
Yeah doesn't exactly help us dads does it?
I love the bit about "mediation would prevent many incidences of parental alienation" ... really?
In my experience, mediation is kind of like an umbrella - it is really good to have for people who don't need mediation.
Or it might be, I wouldn't know as I'm in the other group where the mother refuses to compromise, treats the kids like possessions and attended mediation purely out of fear of court!

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