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What are you grateful for?
the biggies for me are.. good having money and trappings if you are ill
2.i see my kids still and they enjoy their time with me and don't want to go home.
3.the love of a good new partner who's gone through the journey but kept amicable with her ex who's a knob
4. my work...they all know what's gone on and been there supporting me through some dark times
5. heals. And also I wont be paying the ex forever and I can get my life back on track eventually as hers crumbles...cant wait to watch Rome burn.

I know its easy to say but keep the faith gents as there's always a light at the end of the tunnel...the tunnel can be f£$king long but one day we will all emerge and you and your kids will still be a unit
Love it! Thank you mrbungle.

It really does give me a lift seeing people share some positives, and things to be grateful for.

Lived in car for two months
found out ex had been escorting and romping and fornicating in my bed
breakdown 2
suicide attempt
Priory for 4 months
Got made redundant
came out of the other side after therapy.
Met a nice lady with 5 kids.
Got good job, bankrolled her and her brats for 4 years - split

Lived in tent
picked myself up moved into flat
lost weight
sowed wild oats till I couldn't do it any more (i had about 4 women on the go and I was bloody knackered) prospect of big boobed women - reality
hated loneliness
Loved playing my games on PC without guilt
Loved watching crap Sci-Fi because I could
hated having to iron clothes again
lived on TV Dinners for months lost loads of weight - hated choice of shepherd's pie or chicken chow mein every day for a week
highlight? - getting tattoo to cover the ex's name up
Ex military training kept me sane from then to get regimented and disciplined.

Met present partner 3 years ago.
She irons - wont let me
she cooks - will only let me when shes working otherwise neither me OR the dog can go in the kitchen
Shes old fashioned and has same values as me that's a woman's job thats a mans job etc.
Doesn't nag me
Haven't had a fight in 3 years. We have respect for each other and both learnt that fighting will just p**s us both off
Cooks like a TV Chef
Big boobs - check
gorgeous - check
both have "me" time every day - she likes crappy TV shows I like PC Games
We spend times together and apart and its healthy.
I can clean the bog to military standards, and still wont get it right because "your a man and just wont understand" but I still love her all the same

Moving soon
New promotion soon
Married within next few years(When I stop paying outrageous CMS charges) can get better and sometimes Karma is good!
That has given me a serious morale boost. Thanks for sharing that with us!!
I am grateful for my daughter and the amount of time i get to spend with her,
And i know many women deprive fathers of that privilege,
I've got a long road ahead to try and get my life where i want it to be or even close, and i feel that low at times that my daughter is the only thing that keeps me going, and i know that if i didn't have her i would't be in the position i am, but i love her to bits and wouldn't wish a life without her.
My daughter is literally the main person i am grateful for because at the moment i have no life other than her, I am grateful for my friends who support me, even though not many know the extent of my issues, and i am grateful for places like this where i can blow off some steam and express my feelings and issues and get support from people who may or may not understand my situation but support and advise which may lead (hopefully) to a better quality of life and a resoultion to my situation Smile
1. Those weekends with the kids when young were amazing, still fondly remember
2. i can watch a movie every night and binge watch box sets at the weekend
3. Having money left over at the end of the month!!
4. Not having to play mind games such as "you don't love me anymore as you only buy me stuff at Xmas and my birthday, Valentines day, wedding anniversary, day we met and any other day i deem special"

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