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Concerns for child with resident parent
Just after some general advice for my and my step kids dad.

It's always been a fraught relationship,they were married at time and he had to take her to court for access etc. Once in a while she decides to have a rant at my husband over text messages over silly things. We try to be accomodating regarding changing access weekends etc and even agreeing to amend the court order (which stated access at 4pm Christeas day for 24 hours as this caused inconvenience to her and the kids wanted to play with the toys they already had).

We are very concerned over there welfare tonight - the eldest 11yr old boy has joined instagram from a tablet at mine and his dad house (never used as far as we can tell here), she has seen this from a phone she bought for his birthday. This is supposedly causing issues at school. During a phone call (which automatically get recorded) she has really ranted and raged at her son,we could here him sobbing in the background etc.

My husbands son has been saying for a while he would prefer to live here (there's a younger sibling at 8), whigh I have always believed is because we don't have to do school runs,homework and give them more freedom.

I have emailed the school to say there has been an issue over the weekend and step son maybe withdrawn etc. Husband is loathed to involve police (it sounded that bad).

He has suggested mediation or neutral meeting place to discuss things in the past but this has been ignored.

We are concerned not only for both children's safety but if she decides to not provide access (threatened many times). Is it worth writing a letter yet again, or just involve court/mediation/carcass and under what grounds?

Any help is appreciated and I don't mind providing more information if needed.

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