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My first Christmas Alone.
As my wife accused of anything she could think of as a result I am can only see my children once a week for an hour supervised only.

Last week the SS agreed to extend the visit to unsupervised however as planned I was excited and waiting for them when I got the call from SS that the mother is not agreed to unsupervised contact hence the contact will got as before and can only be discussed in next court hearing.

So there you go I saw them last Thursday, gave them their Christmas gifts and now will see them next Thursday which means spending the new year alone too.

If you think you got it bad then think again, I am lucky I get to see them atleast on Thursdays.
Think about the guys who does not even that privilege yet. 

So Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.
I know it is a bad situation, I'm similar, I saw mine last on 4 December for 4 hours, and will not see them until some time in January next, no Skype either, you have to be patient and not do anything rash, do not send any texts, emails or letters until you have read and re read your message to make sure you are not saying anything that may be taken out of context and thrown back in your face. Make an email address for your children send emails and pictures to this address, and when your children are of the right age you can show them the emails you have sent then they will know how you thought of them.

Good luck and all the best for 2017
Sad to hear that.
I haven't seen mine in 9 years, think yourself lucky you can
6 years no Christmas

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