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BBC Five Live Request
A request from the BBC. Can anyone help? (Dont' forget to mention Separated Dads if you do!!)

"I work for BBC Radio 5 live and wondered if you’d be able to help? I’m looking for parents who’ve been through a child custody case. We’re discussing this on our programme tonight at 1830 and it’s pegged to Madonna and Guy Richie’s ongoing case over their son.
Is there a chance you could post something on your forum? Keen to talk to dads who’ve been through it. For legal reasons, we can’t speak to anyone who currently has an active case. It’s going to be part of a 20 minute discussion, where we hope to include a lawyer and a child (now and adult) who was at the centre of a custody battle.  Hope this makes sense.
If anyone is interested, they can contact me on 0161 335 6503 or can email me at
Thanks in advance
Hi - I am doing reseacrh into loss of contact.  I am at the stage where I would like 2 or 3 participants (A short interview only) that are adults who as children lost contact with a parent after family breakdown. PArticulalry if you were school age at the time.

At a later stage I will want to interview fathers/mothers who have lost contact with their child and are trying to get access.

either contact me through the forum or via my web site - on the academic page. Thanks

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