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my story
hello all. just joined this site today.  my story, as married for 5 years. the ex turned out to be a controlling person, abusive relationship. In 2010 she phoned the police on me during one of her rants. this for me was the final straw. the police didnt want to arrest me or take me in. i just got my car keys and left for good.

the next day i picked up yellow pages and looked for legal aid solictor. phoned them and requested papers/app to be sent to me. a week goes by and no reply. then the ex gets a solicitor and sends me her divorce app. when i phoned my sol, their story " sorry, we were told you only asked for advice, and also the girl you spoke to no longer works here."

after two months of being homeless, i got a rented flat but contact was still shared. In september 2010 she stops her divorce app. In Nov she then texts to tell me she is stopping contact. I have a mental breakdown at this point. after four useless solicitors and a year and a half of no contact, solicitor no. 5 eventually get us into court. 

So far, i have been in court 11 times. only 3 times with a solicitor (cost). the last 2 years my contact is 2 hours (not days) per month. I have saved and want to get into court this year with a barrister and get a good contact order.

i will post in other threads, especially maintance
Hi there, thanks for signing up and sharing your story.

Sounds like you are getting a seriously rough deal. Have you seen your child at all lately?

Stay in touch.
its one visit per month , for 2 hours. Ive had 3 safeguarding reports from Cafcass. The last one advised the basic alternate weekend contact that most dads will be familiar with. But the Cafcass worker didnt attend the court. The judge used this fact to make his own arrangement.
I,m expecting contact to stop soon as our payment CSA case is stopped in Jan and CMS takes over. Mother wants a new figure and i advised her to go to CMS

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