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2 counts of common assault and 1 count of gbh and 10 year restraining order.
To cut a long horrible story short I have just walked away from crown court with 2 year suspended sentence for GBH. 2 counts of common assault. 1 count of sending malicious emails. Ok. I left my ex seven months pregnant when I found out she was meeting up with ex partner. I stayed away for remainder of pregnancy. My ex then named child herself and for first 10 weeks I still stayed away because I couldn't deal with it all. I then went unannounced to meet my son and I saw him for the very first time in a sling attached to the man that had my with ex destroyed the pregnancy. In that split second that I saw my son, first born at 46, I attacked the bloke. I broke his cheek and eye socket. In first my son got a tiny bruise that didn't show up in police photos which accounts for common assault on him. In the moment I see my son I also technically assault him. I also hit my ex with open hand which is other common assault. I then sent malicious emails and texts on the day I was arrested. I really hurt this bloke. I punched him full on seven times in the head. He was holding my son at the time. It was ruthless stuff. I was looking at 5 years. But I walked out of court because I was ripped off by the pair of them and the judge understood horror of situation I am confronted with. I have 10 year restraining order for me and ex and me and bloke I attacked. I had no history of violence. There was enough mitigation to walk away from very serious crime. The judges summary and conviction is best document I own. He says on three occasions that it was completely obvious I did not want to hurt my baby. He gives reasons for setting me free and acknowledges in summary that those two had been together when she was pregnant with my child. My ex in her statement made claim to me threatening my own child but the courts and the police did not believe her. It was obvious to courts and police that I htad had a truly horrible time with these two but essentially I did beat the bloke bad enough to end up with gbh and he was holding my child, All this has only just happened. I have only been completely free for a week or so. I don't really have any questions but I would be happy to hear any considered advice. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before. Do I have any chance of access. I have recently sent all my criminal paperwork to family solicitor who will be advising me shortly but I would appreciate any words. If I did get access what would that actually be. He is 4 months. I saw him for fraction of second and then launched into savage attack and although I was aware he was there I was unable to focus because I had completely zoned out. It why judge allowed me to walk from court. Thanks for reading

Jezus! Sorry, but I missed your post completely and of course would want to give you at least my standing on it.

First of all, thank you for sharing your story so openly with the forum.

Whatever happened this is now in the past and has been dealt with in court. Draw a line.

You are a Dad which I believe will need to walk a few extra miles in order to sort out contact with his child.

What is your situation at the moment? Do you have a job and do you have a flat? Do you pay child maintenance?

The reason I am asking is because of course I would encourage you to make an application for contact with your child but you need to prepare and embrace yourself that they will look everywhere in your life to find a piece of crap and to argue that against you.

If you think you have your own life in order then good.

Regardless I would encourage you to pursue contact for the reason that you have absolutely nothing to loose and you can only win your child back. Also you would need to have a contact with your child now in order to bond.

From the legal perspective I am not sure if you are aware of what is required and please let us know if you need help or directions.

I would assume contact may first be indirect maybe a couple of pictures here and then and then a progress to a supervised setting with a social worker attending. All that does not matter as long as you have that contact.

It may be a hell of a long time for you until you will see your child unsupervised but if you pursue this with patience then you will have that eventually.

How is you apart from all that? Are you coping ok?

Bloody heck lad .... sorry to hear this . I believe you will get access but sadly you will be walking on egg shells with your ex forever ! It's a real case of playing the waiting game . She has the upper hand and will use it to suit her needs if she wants you in your baby's life.
Like the poster above said - hopefully after everything has settled down offer a leaf and go along to mediation-... she may agree .

Fingers crossed for you lad.

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