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Simply out of ideas
Firstly, thank you for taking time to read this post and secondly I appreciate that there are 2 sides to each story and mine will only reflect my own.
That said I am just after some advice from the group and wonder if anyone has experienced the same situation or anything similar.

After what I can only call a bitter 2 year divorce, I agreed to 80:20 split in the ex family home. I have nothing against her having the larger half and it does house my 2 young children.
Now here's the tricky part.
It came out about a year into the divorce (I walked out and she filed for divorce) in an email from her that she had been carrying on with the non working widow across the road from the family home for some time. When I moved out he was in home 24/7.
I am not even bothered by that, even though he is a up his own a*s douchebag.
Being 10 years older than me thinks he has some right to berate my on email? Go figure.
Anyways to my point finally.
When I filled out my form e, I was honest. I listed I lived with my new partner and planned to get married at SOME time. No date set.
She listed no to both questions. This was circa March 2016. Now fast forward to the sealed consent order dated May 2015 stating the same.

During a visit with my children, they let slip the neighbour was getting a loft extension and it was to build bedrooms for them across the road?? 
I checked online and planning permission was granted in November 2016. Perplexed I ignored it, until I got a leaflet about the t&c of my mortgage from my mortgage provider. Puzzled I called the provider and queried the letter and was told it was request by her.

Anyways I kept quiet and let it play out. So she is planning to move everyone across the road in March 2017.

Given the dates are so close to the consent order and the fact I just know this is premeditated, can I go back to court to get the percentage of the house sale revised as I am now living the renting nightmare (can not save for a deposit cycle)?

Any advise would be gratefully excepted.

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