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False accusations
Morning all
first off. quick bit about my self.
i Lft my ex wife for another women 5 1/2 yrs ago. at which time our son was 2.
I am now married with a step daughter and a 2 yr old son
Its been hell and still is.
Contact is very hit and miss
so far 2 court order have been put in place just to get me contact. 
Its been a constant roller coaster.  If i tow the line all is fairly okay. 
If i rock the boat(normally about my sons general health) it hits the fan.

Now to the most recent shenanigans.
I found out a couple of weeks ago that my son (now 7yrs old) had been riding around in the back of the ex's new partners works van.
Obviously it has no seats in the back and also her youngest son (from her current relationship) was on her lap in the front.

I learnt a long time ago that discussions on the door step dont end well so i you txt & email as this also gives proof of what was said.
after numerous attempts to get an explanation from her it spoke with M.A.S.H. I explain the situation and that i didnt want to get anyone in trouble, but after advice on how to deal with her.
The women i spoke to reffered it to her manager who was supposed to ring back.
no response for 3 days.
all last week i was unable to make contact with my 7yr old son
Then Saturday morning i get a letter from MASH saying that jack and the ex's youngest would be getting a single assessment..
Ah that explains why i have been refused contact to my son this week, i thought.
Then just after lunch there was a knock at the door.
It's the police!!!!!!!   
i kind of wasnt too surprised as of what i had told MASH.
Invited the DC in adn did the introductions.
I said i bet i know what this is about..
I spent the next 15mins explain the Back of the works van story and some background info..
He then said, Im afraid its a bit more serious than that.
My 7yr old had told school that both my wife and myself had been strangling him, locking him in the bedroom etc

OMG how are you supposed to hear that..
my ex is very manipulative and evil. i know that sounds abit Blah Blah. but she constantly lies and whats worth believes her own lies.. Blatantly lies in court accused both of us last time in court of physical and metal abuse..Obviously no safe guarding issues were found..

spent the next hour or so talking to the DC, showed him the rooms and photos , messages etc..
Straight away he noticed there was no way to lock my son in his room as the door doesnt function as he was told..

wtf do i do
How can my son who loves spending time with us say something like this, even though we know he was guided into say this crap,,  HOW could hhe do it.
There is no way my wife or i could drag him around as he is a very big boy at 45kg for a 7yr old...(one of my big issues at the moment)

Any support would be appreciated

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