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[split] In need of help - Manipulative Ex
Hi Guys, any help at all please I would appreciate it. I separated from my wife last year after I was charged for domestic violence. I suffered a mental breakdown and as I now realize was emotionally being abused for very long time by her and her family. In the year since, I have changed everything about my life. I do not drink, changed my career so I would be free on weekends for my two sons as they were on every other weekend arrangement and generally turned my life around. I live my with my parents and sister and the boys love coming to stay with me and the extended family. They have always been upset about the time they spend their and my 11 year old was rather sensitive to any criticism they were making of me and would let me know. I turned most of his anger into banter and we joked about my mother in law, wife's brother but never anything about her. Her family hurt me and took all of my savings, house, car and any other posessions after the incident and I have had issues still dealing with the degree of how much they hurt me. He is often left alone with my 6 year old, they are not happy there and voice their concerns to me as If they mentioned it to my wife she would bite their heads off. Recently, she intercepted the messages we exchange on whatsapp and there was clear mick taking of her family. She was drunk and I could hear my son crying in the back and she accused me of manipulating him. I can absolutely say hand on heart I would never make my son do anything he did not want to and we have talked openly to get through the breakdown of the family in the past 12 months. He confides in me about everything, school, girls, problems at home and now she has restricted us to no visits and telephone contact on speaker phone. I am now pursuing the courts as mediation has been deemed as not possible. My big worry is that apart from all of the good I do for my kids and the relationship will be destroyed because of these messages and the domestic violence charges. Can anyone help me?

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