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to add to this. I had my first phone contact from CMS yesterday. The spokes woman "your payment is xxx, based on HRMC . the year 15/16. she was defensive and rambled . the eventual answer was "sometime in the last 2 weeks". This is bolox. My wages changed 1 and a half ago.
Just get a cash in hand job somewhere
Hi guys thanks for the replies after you saying the 25% is specific to review it makes sense.

I paid her 300 a month never missed a payment,never let the kids down ever, I done my overtime on top to make extra so me and kids could have fun. My ex has never paid a month's rent or provided any income tax to this country. I am a good dad and providing the tax to pay for all these benefits.

I will never do 32k again it involves 12 hour shifts 6/7 days a week the only days off I had was every second weekend only cos I had kids. Had all the bills paid was gonna be a fresh start for me but that's them all calling again cos I scared to pay them incase it leave me short.

Thanks again for advice I reckon going forward I will be about 26k a year with o/t. P.s she was even able with CMS to start my claim on 21st January 2017 meaning if I had not received the letter two days before I would have paid her maintenance as normal.

At least now yeah it unfair but she can't control me now. Thanks for the help.

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