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Introducing the kids
#1 long do you guys wait to introduce your kids to someone new?   My ex and I have an agreement that we wouldn't until we hit the 6 month mark (or longer if our daughter wasn't adjusting well).

It has recently starting to become a topic of conversation.
Murphy - my ex and I have the same agreement

Or we did until I actually met someone then she went crazy ............
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Well....she left me for another guy so I am hoping thats not an issue. We share 50/50 legal custody so I have our daughter Friday after school until until the following Friday and vice versa. Basically 1 week with me and 1 week with her mom. I'm more interested in opinions to what has worked for everyone. I have been separated for about 5 months now....I just dont want to rush my kid. I know it may be different if we had been separated for 2 years....our daughter would have lots of time to adjust to the separation.

I have taken my daughter to therapy and have been told she is adjusted very well and no concerns were found. I'm not looking at introducing before the 6 months....but is 6 months enough?
My son casually told me about "mummy's new friend".... Which was unexpected because myself and his mum had been talking about getting back together! Turns out she met the guy when we were still together and he had been, not only introduced but also slept over several times before my boy let it slip. Scumbag woman to do that! 6 months and a heads up email or conversation is what I consider to be fair.
I would never allow my child to be the messenger. I would certainly give the ex a heads up on the matter. And...there will be no sleep overs for a long long time.

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