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Ex denying me access to video calls
This has been ongoing for the last few months .... I have a four year old daughter with my ex partner ( we separated a year ago).... she's allows me phone calls but no video calls ... when I see my little girl and ask why she' doesn't chat when we are on the phone , she says because she can't see my face ... this has be driving me crazy .
My ex keeps saying because her phone can't do it . This is a lie as I've seen her new phone and my phone calls to my daughter are on WhatsApp.. which has video calling on it !! Any advice out there lads !
Does your ex have a laptop? Would it be possible to buy a cheap webcam for her? Other than this I have little knowledge on the subject sorry.
Could it possibly be because the phone doesn't have a data plan and is just used for calls and texts, is there wifi at their home?

If this is just a technical matter for your ex why not suggest to buy a dead cheap second hand mobile with a prepaid sim.

The problem will not be technical tho.

Do you have direct contact with your child also?

There are, as I'm sure you will know, lots of free video calling apps available for many devices; including:

 - Facebook Messenger
 - Skype
 - WhatsApp
 - FaceTime

All of these are free when you use WiFi and not mobile data. Could you suggest to your ex that she installs one of the above, if she hasn't already done so?

Hope this helps
Her new excuse is because it's not age appropriate??? ( the wee one is 4 ) and we were skyping for a few months last year before her so called issues with the phone arose .
Froggy - she is talking a load of bull - I WhatsApp video call my daughter three times per week - whilst I can see the "not age appropriate" aspect of it, all I have to say is that having a kid on WhatsApp/Skype (mine is 3.5 years old, nearly 4), is a very strange experience - most of the time its OK, but occasionally she will be like a squirrel and go off on a tangent, and once I was left staring at the toilet for about five minutes shouting her name until she realised what was happening.

A lay magistrate will allow WhatsApp/Facetime - so why cant your ex?
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
as far as im aware a young child using video calls can be considered appropriate if she is being monitored while using them

so if your ex is claiming they aint appropriate maybe then she should be more aware of her childs surroundings
Thanks guys.... sadly it's taken another sinister twist,
When I spoke to my 4 year on the phone - I told her I cant wait to give her a hug all night when she stays overnight with me.
My ex texted me straight after the call and said " you want to lie in bed all night and hugging her ? Not very appropriate ".... she was making undertones of sexual nature against me - it' has really upset me.

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