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Would like some child advice
Not sure if this is the correct forum, I could give you a life story on my situation but I will break it down, if you want more details I won't mind answering.


Me and my ex had a child(at a young age) we were together for 5 years however due to reasons we broke up.
Rather than point fingers in my ex girlfriends direction I will explain wrongs I did.
After we broke up I stopped coming around a lot less than I should have (while we were together she did not let me have my child on my own)to give her
time to get over it, news came round to me that she had a new boyfriend I came even less and she was pissed when I showed up and stopped me seeing him on numerous occasions after this I pestered her about seeing my child which overtime lead to her changing phone number,blocking via social media and I think changing home.
Background over.

So for sometime now I've just been making excuses and saying to myself I will contact somebody when I can better accommodate for my child I haven't seen him for a good 2 years he will be 7 at the end of February but you know what I really don't know who to speak to and the situation only gets worse over time hence why I am here.

My child is Autistic with learning difficulty, follows routines and is really uncomfortable with strangers he cannot speak basically he won't even know who I am so I have to somehow start a relationship again, I just know that if there is even the slightest chance for me to be in my sons life it would be now or never I need to do something so here I am asking you for help?

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