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Saying Hello
Hello everyone

I've just been to court for a second time yesterday 13th May 2016 and won. I even represented myself at the hearing too. It was a lot easier than I thought, but I've had to go through this twice before. The first two times were in Scotland and this time in England. All 3 judges watched me getting everything ready for the hearing and seen that I was prepared due to having everything sorted out before hand. It also helped that my ex's lawyer was also on our side. 

Welcome, and well done!

Thanks for posting your brief story, self representation is becoming way more common. As you've found, preparation is the key, along with a cool head. Hopefully your success might give someone else the kick they need to get their own case moving.
well done, i'd agrue that there is no "winning" in court though as if there is a battle there are always casualties, normally the children.your correct that the best prepared person can often come out with the result they desired - it's 90% preparation!

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