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Is this reasonable wanted to have my kids every other weekend? and visit them twice during the week on the week I don't have the for the weekend?

I live in south London and there mum lives in east if i lived closer i would have them more.

Reason Im asking is because I get nervous  or worried that my kids may not have that bond as used to as i'm there less now. because I am not there anymore apart from when i see them, I phone them everyday and trying to get a new phone so I can face time them, I have set up skype also to skype them if i'm not there There 3 and 1 years of age but have a great relationship with the both of them so far. I tried staying at there mums on the sofa to be close to them but realised I cant as I get cross at there mum for stupid things so realise i still love there mum but she doesn't want to get back with me, so i can not stay there but cant be with out my kids also.
You are asking us , to advise you when you have already given the answer my friend

You cannot stay there you say, but you cant be without your kids. So realistically what do you expect advice on?
if you cannot stay there then you are going to have to get used to having contact on regular basis or not see them. How you go about doing that is either by mutual agreement or by going through the courts.
If she doesn't want you to stay then what practical choices do you have?
plain fact you may not like this answer, is you want to have your cake and eat it and you can't in this situation. and yes it is going to hurt and there is nothing you can do to cure that feeling but accept the cards life has dealt you today and sort it out.

Sorry if its not the answer you were expecting pal, but I dont fluff things up with glittery stuff, I talk plainly and pragmatically.

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