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Custody for my 4 kid
Hello all. I'm looking for advice and what the chances would be for me to get full custoday of my 4 children?
We seperated 5 months ago were I was the primary carer for our kids but my wife was the primary earner anyway she decided that she wanted her girl freind to move in and she kicked me out she even went as far as calling the police and lied about abouse and violence because I told her I wasn't going she could move out instead needles to say after 4 hours in a cell the police let me go with no charge as there was no evidence put they informed me I was not to return to the property. I got a decent paying job wich I then left because she needed me to get the kids from school so I ended up taking a part time job zero hour contract but one day I messaged her on her day off and asked if she could pick them up as my work had called me to cover a shift I didn't get a reply for over an hour so I ended up telling my boss I couldn't do it but just before it was time to collect them I got a massive abusive message saying how I'm no longer to collect them and I can see them only on a Saturday! So I'm now at the stage were I can only see them whenever it suits her whim and if I say I cant then I don't get to see them till she decides. So now looking to go for custoday but I'm on a low paying job and staying with my parents I'm unable to apply for social housing that would have enough rooms for the kids without having custoday so I'm kinda between a rock and a hard place. Thank you for reading my story and I hope someone can give me some good advice regarding this.

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