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what next??
ok so from my previous posts some of you may know my situation.....
had contact with my daughter for 2 and half years and 2 over night stays each week, in November 2015 contact was stopped by her mum because I am apparently "emotionally harming" my daughter which is rubbish. went to court in january and Cafcass recommended to supervised contact by my exs mum once a week for 2 hours in a soft play area.....initially I objected to this as it is biased and unfair and suggested instead to skype my daughter to start with my grandma refused so the supervised contact went ahead which after 2 sessions stopped as it was a complete disaster due to her nana arguing with me infront of her and my daughter bad mouthing me to her nana.
Cafcass visited my daughter myself and my ex and deemed that the current contact arrangements were actually damaging my relationship with her so they have now put a referral in for supervised contact by a outside service in a neutral venue.
I am ripping my hair out that this is happening as everything my ex has said about me is lies and even with the proof to prove the lies cafcass seem to overlook it. My daughter has been sayin she doesn't want to see me which I can only assume that has come from her mum as she acts completely different infront of her family than how she does with me.

what will happen after these supervised contact sessions will it go back to being unsupervised and overnight stays?

I now have a solicitor and she seems confident and positive about the situation but at the moment it feels as though nothing about this situation is positive having to see my daughter supervised and send her letters to start with is absolutely heartbreaking all of the accusastions are completely fabricated but my daughter is supporting her mum by repeating the lies!
Please someone give me some advice or something positive I am going out of my mind.

Thanks in advance

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