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False Allegations and Womens Refuge?
Hi everyone, I need some advice if anyone has experience of this one. 

My wife left and took my two children on Monday, this morning I called her to find out what she was playing at only to be passed over to a police officer who asked me to come into the station. I did this and was promptly arrested for threatening to set the house on fire. After a couple of hours processing and interviewing the officer decided I'd given pretty much the same account as my my wife has with a few extra 
details added which I like to think of as the truth, no need for any questions from the officer, not charged and no caution. 

Two hours buggering about at the station was a pain but I understand there are some bastards about and the guys at GMP were doing a fantastic job of looking out for my kids, special mention to the police officer. 

Going off what she has taken from the house and the pattern of her departure it looks like shes said the right things to get herself into a refuge, is there anyone who can contact her and mediate in these circumstances or does she have to contact me regarding the kids within a specific time? Is there any way I can used her false allegation to force communication even though a third party?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated

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