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Child Counselling/Residency Issues from Child
Hi All,

Sorry I'm new to this forum; I'm looking for a bit of advice. My daughter has lived with me & my partner now for 2 years (me and her mother separated 3 years ago) and it was my daughters choice to come and live with me.

Unfortunately, without going in to too much detail my ex has a tendency to lie and make a lot of false promises & as a result of this my daughter keeps saying that she wants to go and live back with her mother. I appreciate that she is saying this and I can understand that a daughter needs her mother the older she gets but the whole reason she doesn't live there in the first place is because her mother is unable to commit to her daily routine/requirements. My daughter blames me for the fact she can't go and live back there and says it's all my fault however her mother hasn't ever made contact with me to discuss her moving back there?!

My daughter see's her mother twice a week and every other Saturday/Sunday. As a result of our divorce and constantly being told one thing and seeing another; she is now undergoing counselling to help her come to terms with what is going on in her life.

What should I do? My ex isn't a reasonable person and can be very manipulative; I know that in an ideal world my ex should explain to our daughter the honest reasons why she lives with me and she needs to explain to her that it's in her best interests to stay where she is but that won't happen - she will not make herself look bad to our daughter. I feel so sorry for her because she is taking it all out on me as I'm the closest person to her, when the reality is that she is hurting because deep down it seems as though her own mother doesn't want her.

Please help, any opinions are welcomed.
How old is your daughter?
She's 9 years old, quite mature for her age in some ways then not in others.

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