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anyone got experience of supervision orders?
Hi all,

A section 37 report is currently being done for my kids and their younger half siblings, due to my ex having a mental breakdown recently.  I see that a supervision order could be one of the possible outcomes of this.

I'm hoping to get residence of my kids, but they are quite old (15 and 13), and my ex has a strong psychological grip on them, so they may well tell the social services they still want to live with her - and even if I did get residence, it would only apply to my eldest for 6 months (till she turns 16), and they both may end up staying at their mothers despite the order (I only live a mile away from their mothers, and she often calls them to come back when they are with me).

A supervision order intrigues me though, researching online it says:

A supervision order gives the local authority the legal power monitor the child’s needs and progress while the child lives at home or somewhere else. A social worker will advise, help and befriend the child. In practice, this will mean they give help and support to the family as a whole. Conditions can be attached to a supervision order, for example, you, as the parent, may have to tell the supervisor if you change your address and you may have to allow the supervisor to visit the child at home.

This sounds good, my kids having a professional (and someone other than me) to talk to regularly about their mother's craziness, who can hopefully help them see through the fog, and make a decision that is in their own best interests about where they want to live.

On the other hand, this 'professional' could turn out to be nothing of the sort, and only make things worse.

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