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Shared care Child Arrangements Order, what shall I include?

I need to instruct my solicitor to draft a 50/50 shared care Child Arrangements Order to be approved by both parts and then submitted to the court.

I want to make sure I'm not missing anything in order to avoid future problems:

- The child resides with both parents (1 week on 1 week off)
- All school holidays will be equally divided half half
- When and where handover will take place?
- We need to mention when/how we will agree holidays (for example in January each year)
- What to do with special dates like birthdays, Christmas, Mother's/Father's day, etc...
- I would like to add something like: each of us can go abroad with the child up to a week (of course during our own week) as long as we give a certain notice and all traveling details

What else shall I take into consideration?
There is a template on here - the proper site not the forum

I used that then added in things as i saw them come up on forum ... if someone else was having issues on it then I added in the solution (mostly from MarkR's reply!)

Hold on and I'll see if i find the link

Here you go...

Remember the key topics are custody, access and maintenance

If it was up to my ex she's have a section on how many times they can have ice creams a week ;-)

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