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Bit of a rant.
Hey guys, Im sure this is posted in the correct category, however it may as well spill out over a couple...

So, Long story short, Seperated in Nov, 2 boys involved, seen them 2 times since then as I live 150 miles away and have no form of transport and only just started working...

ok, basics over i hope, now ive been trying to keep some sort of regular contact with my boys now for the whole time ive been away from them, I had to move this far away from them as it was either my moms sofa or the street...
My ex has been tough to get to listen to me but I am always the bad one for something etc etc

Shes organsied dates with my mother of when I would have the boys with me without consulting me at all and just decided to throw the dates at me and say here you go, Not that I dont want my kids, of course I do, but without too much childcare (my mom is disabled) and that I have started work (total of 12 weeks of training and half way through) I took the hard decision to not see the boys during the easter holiday as it would not be fair that I would not see them for 10 of the 14 days she had told me I was having the boys...

all of a sudden this week, she sent me an email, saying that I have to be more involved in their lives, even though its been just over 4 weeks since I last saw them and I have tried calling multiple times without answer. and in the same email, she said that I am no longer to contact her knowing that I have no other way of contacting my boys.

Today, shes tried to get my mother involved again, even though I have told her already that my mom does not want to be the middle man as such as its not helping her health regarding CSA. Now my moms told her she isnt getting involved, which ended up me having to text the ex telling her that she is to speak to me instead of my mom as from what I understand, I have been a civil as possible.
The reply I got was, 'I do not wish to talk to you. You can get a child arrangement order if i wish to see the boys'. I replied 'So your stopping me seeing the boys?' her response back was 'No but seeing as we cannot agree on anything its easier if done via court, and she goes on to say that she will be changing her number so i cannot contact her....

Am i right in thinking that all this is a little quick? im sure shes getting information from somewhere but not sure if its the right info..

Also what are the next steps?

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