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Things you don't wanna hear.

My lil chap makes me laugh sometimes and he is not quite there yet understanding this new family concept but the penny is about to drop.

Driving home he pops that Mr. New gives Mummy loads of cuddles. Thanks, wonderful information, lovely detail son. Laughed it off.

I have still loads of unpacked boxes around my house and this morning he comes with a picture of mummy and me he found in one of them. He says, hey that looks like Mummy and you. I guess, that I then had my first dad/son chat and explained a bit how we used to be a family. It made me and him upset and I am glad we then picked ourself up again...

Tough weekend that was...

My favorite so far has been:

"I didn't eat my lunch as mummy says you put poison in my sandwiches"

Not much laughing off to do there... its seriously worrying that another adult would tell a young kid that!
i phoned a barrister 2 days ago. These very words were used "things you dont want to hear". she was talking about going back to court. I was ok with this cos for years solicitors ,judges and every other bugger will never tell me what the real problem is

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