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Allegations and contact
Please advise me here
My partner left the house went to women refugee centre and told them that I been beaten her five times while she had her kids in her arm she said I been threatened her too but when she left I was even sleep I think she reported to the police but I went to police station they said we don't have any queries about you.
After two weeks I emailed her regarding children she replied rarely finally she agreed to bring the kids to see them in train station for 40 minutes she told me I can see thekids regularly when she get her new house she said I am currently in women refugee centre I agreed after 3 weeks attempt to see the kids she brought kids at KFC around her mum house to see them again she agreed on every Thursday I can see the kids. When she left a day later she text me saying don't contact me or email me I said why she said you can't see the kids because there was domestic violence. 
Now I apply for court despite I seen the kids after her saperation i took pictures of kids at KFC for incase she not deny I seen the kids also I mentioned she went with my neighbour in relationship within 6 days of saperation it show's in her facebook page.
Does the judge blieve her allegations? If yes will I still get access to see the kids or they not allowing me?

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