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False allegations child contact
My ex  left the house went to women refugee centre and told them that I been beaten her five times while she had her kids in her arm she said I been threatened her too but when she left I was even sleep I think she reported to the police but I went to police station they said we don't have any queries about you.
After two weeks I emailed her regarding children she replied rarely finally she agreed to bring the kids to see them in train station for 40 minutes she told me I can see thekids regularly when she get her new house she said I am currently in women refugee centre I agreed after 3 weeks attempt to see the kids she brought kids at KFC around her mum house to see them again she agreed on every Thursday I can see the kids. When she left a day later she text me saying don't contact me or email me I said why she said you can't see the kids because there was domestic violence. 
Now I apply for court despite I seen the kids after her saperation i took pictures of kids at KFC for incase she not deny I seen the kids also I mentioned she went with my neighbour in relationship within 6 days of saperation it show's in her facebook page.
Does the judge blieve her allegations? If yes will I still get access to see the kids or they not allowing me?
Hey samim1919

Couple of points 
In court she can claim what she wants - but you can ask for 'fact finding' ... the judge will want to see police reports, medical records, photos of her injuries etc ... its not for you to defend her lies... its for her to prove them!

Secondly - well done taking the photos of the kids at KFC ... this is important as she was happy for you to get access to your kids since you separated... and now she says no... the judge will ask her why she has changed her mind

Finally - focus on the kids, do not share with your ex what is on these forums or she will change her approach, smile and don't get angry with her

You are doing the right thing going to court - her claiming DV means she opens up a few advantages to her like legal aid and housing but that's common and if you have never been violent towards her you will be OK and get access to your kids legally
Also now shes been to womans refuge. Dont text her more than 2/3 times without her replying as she will try and get you done for harrassement. Dont ring more than 2 times if she dont answer. Dont let her trick you into arguing infront of your child as she will try saying emotional harm to child. Best thing to do is remain calm and patient and go through court process and do it the legal way and play the long game.

If you see kids again before court write everything you do down in a diary and what you been up to that day as you can refer to it later as you may be accused of things you havent done .
Thank guys for advice

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