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goin back to court to enforce order
hi just wondering if anyone could help me on weather to enforce order or not i already been back to court to enforce it but settled on making alterations of order which she has broken again
since we split jan 2013 she has tried her best  to stop me seeing the children has far as she as told kids everything little detail of  relantionship and blamed me for everything and kids believe her no matter what i say to them she applied for non molestation order in 2015 in which i successfully overturned but she still goin round telling people that theres is one in place {i have four kids }  ive  lost contact  with 3 of them thru her telling them all kind of b/s we cant talk as she refuses to  i reported her to social  services regarding my 1 daughter come to me  she had  got bruises on her arm 1st time  she said she walked into a door but they looked like she had been grabbed by her arms and 2nd time she said she had been punched by some lad at school i phoned school and they had no  knowledge of incidents
and my other daughter has come to me on more than 2 occasion with her arms all red where she has run the bath herself and burnt her arms testing the water she was 9 at time along with the telling children all the stories that i did.

 which  is untrue 1 of these bein i went to throw a iron in the bath whilst she was in there when i replied that there wasnt any plug sockets in a bathroom she then told them i had extension lead which i relied with i would of thrown just the extesion lead in  (is there any way i can get her mental health checked)

thru s/s i got put in touch with a family support worker (seems verygood but dont trust these people) who has been to see and is still seeing my 2 girls she has told me that she wants my girls to go to counciling has the pressure that they have been put under in which my ex has told and conviced my eldest daughter (13) that she is from s/s and that she wants to take them into care and away from her since then my daughter as stopped comin and my youngest is very distant when i have her if i ask my children anything they are not allowed to say nothing at all(parent aleination signs)
i have filed c79 i have ask the family support worker to write me a letter on her findings and she as said she will and even given me her permission  to the give har name to the courts so will be given i surpose to caffcass 
ino if i enforce order she will twist it with kids saying i am in wrong iwas just wondering if any of you had any suggestions or advice thx in advance

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