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Ex Wife will not let me see kids
Just joined this forum and hoping i can get some advice before i go crazy. Have been divorced for 5 years and have 3 kids. A year ago i was remarried and my kids attended the wedding. We had a really great time and kids and my new wife really bonded but since we got back things have steadily worsened to the point that my ex wife will no longer let me see my children. She is extremely calculating and passive agressive and even blocks me from sending them emails or calling. Its now been 3 months and i am at my wits end and both my wife and i feel very low about the whole thing. 

Has anyone else experienced this and have you got any advice
Do you have a court order in place that stipulates access, or was it simply an informal agreement?
If you do not have one then I recommend starting the process off as soon as you can, especially if you can prove she set a precedent with agreed informal access and then removed it. In this scenario, the very least the courts would do is to formalise the order so that the previous access was guaranteed.
However, what you must not do is react emotionally to her. Simply explain the situation and start the process due to her actions, and personally if just by doing this got her to change her mind I’d still recommend going to court because if she can do it once she can do it again.
Hi Mike,

I am going to assume you have PR (Parental Responsibility, gained by being on the birth certificate or married at time of the birth), and there is no formal, legal agreement between you and your ex.

Unfortunately this seems to be a normal Modus Operandi for how things are when a new partner is on the scene (take it from me, I know how this goes!).

Unless you can get your ex to go to Mediation and agree to something (if she doesnt show up you both cant agree then you get either a No Show or a Deadlock letter from the Mediator) then its going to have to be done via a C/100 Application to the courts, this will ultimately end up with you being accused of everything under the sun and it will get messy and ugly. Remember - you are NOT there to fight, you are there for the best welfare of your kids - also - the child has the right to the relationship - its not the mothers right to say you cant have one!

One fact you have in your favour is that you were having regular contact with your kids, and as such your ex will have to show why and how this has broken down - in your first C/100 hearing (normally about 6ish weeks after you file it), you will get to go in front of the Magistrates (like I am) or a Judge if your lucky - and you can ask for the contact to be resumed at this point - its unlikely that it will as the courts will want to be sure you arent what the mother says you are - and as such you will more than likely have a section 7 Report done by CAFCASS.

Theres a lot more involvement on this and your likely to ask more questions - so please feel free to do so.

The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.

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