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Please help contact issue
i would like to start by appologising for my spelling and punctuation.

me and my ex split up in september but we remained friends, i was still able to contact her once a night too see how my lil boy was
aswell as have him for 4 hours on a wednesday i would also pick him up at 11am on a saturday and return him at 5pm on the monday.
  Things continued like that up untill december when we had a massive row and we fell out, at that point she told me we had to go court.
We was able to discuss matters but at a price she took away my wednesday and said i can only contact about my son every few days yet 
she is able to ring 3 times a day when i have him.
 This continued up untill february when she got a new boyfriend and i was informed i cant contact her yet she was still allowed to contact me too c how baby is when i have him, now last week i asked if pehaps i could get an update in the week, now she has stopped all contact
saying i harrased her for months and started saying all allegations and that she doesnt trust me with our son, yet she has let me have my boy every weekend since these arguments took place and was even going to let me have him this weekend till i asked if i can have update in the week.

now i no the courts will not care about things we think of each other and will only care about best intrest of my son so my question is if she has let me have child for 2 nights every week since our first arguments does that mean that it preceeds the things she is saying the thing being (i said if it wasnt for my son i would end it) but since that i have had him every weekend?.

now my next questions 
since we broke up i have had him 2 nights and 3 and half days which basicaly was joint custody till she took my wednesday away.
my son is used too seeing me alot what type of access would court give me an what would be chance of joint 1 week at mine 1 week at hers?.
Also with my son seeing me so often is there anything i can apply for to get access to see him untill court as i feel it will be bad for both him and me not seeing each other for so long as we always have since he was born every week?.

im lost writing this and just need some advice as miss my son and terrified i wont see him i have messages of his mum stating she knows i am good dad and knows he is safe with me, what would be best i can ask for? will they give me what i have always had or will they allow me joint as that is what i used to have?
any advice is welcome and i look forward to hearing what you have to say.

ps. if i cant get joint and they wont give me what i used to have would they allow me few hours access one wednesday then a long weekend the next week aswell as 2 weeks in summer holidays and alternate xmas and birthdays.

If you want to settle things like access via court you would need to show that you have tried mediation first and that this has failed or that your case was deemed unsuitable for mediation.

I would now get in touch with a mediation organisation local to you both and ask them to invite your ex partner to a mediation about those issues. This will cost you between GBP 200-300 per session unless you get benefit and I would only give that 2-3 sessions.

If no result, take it to court.

What you would get in terms of access depends on a lot things such as the history of your case, what allegations are made, how old your child is etc.

I am not sure how realistic a 50/50 application is. You would need to convince and be able to show to Cafcass and the judge that this is the best for your child. If mum blocks this then things can get difficult.

With your initial application you can ask for interim contact while the court proceeding are going on.

Does this help?

yes it does help all alegations wont be a matter about my son it will be more that i messaged her too much and was getting involved in her personal life all of which has nothing to do with my ability of a father i could say bad things but i no none of it has a bearing on her ability as a mother, i have already spoke to local mediator and im going tomorrow but she says she wont go.
i tried to be civil but she is a bad narcasist and is never happy unless i am appologising im just wondering if courts will look past our hatred to each other and do what is best for my son as he is used to seeing me and when she stopped me last time for 3 weeks he wouldnt leave my side and would cry when i left the room like he was scared he wasnt gonna see me, my boy loves me and i just want what is best for him if the courts say not 50/50 then i could live with that but iv had him every weekend and just want too see him as much as i can which she has stopped because she doesnt like me yet i have plenty of letters of me being civil and her just putting me down we will never get on but im just hoping courts will look past our opinions of each other and allow a good father too c his child if i have had him every weekend will that go in my favour in courts as that is his routine and what he is used too?

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