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breach of order
Just recently had a child arrangements order sorted yet again!

Straight away has been akward.. meant to have kids every saturday she said she thought it was every saturday.
At first she tried blaming me and i got it wrong and i told her to check court order as i was right.
she is now blaming the courts and saying they got it wrong and it should be every 2 weeks.
I advised her she is breaching and text her , she claims she is going to email courts.
Do i just get a c79 and enforce order after she breaches 2moro as she is clearly going to do the same in 2 weeks time again or
will the courts help me and i go in with court order and ask them to tell her shes in wrong and to comply with it?
I'm curious about this myself as I am going through the exact same thing. I really want to know if the courts will help by making my ex comply with the order.

This is her first breach.
An update is the only thing you can apparently do is once ex partner breached twice is to enforce the order immediately as if you let them do it more than 3 times you are accepting what she is doing. apparently you got to try and speak to them /email/ring or even write a letter to try and resolve the breach before going bk to court. A serious breach is something along the lines of not turning up at all or refusing access, if someone is late or its minor you should log incident as if it happens all the time that is also a reason to get court order enforced. Once court order is enforced you are also more likely to get help to make sure order is sticked to as well
Yeah someone else said that as well so I'm going to get the order enforced right away. I texted her my intentions so I'm going to consider that her email/letter warning and I think it's serious enough since she refused to let me pick up my kids.

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