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Another wasted weekend contact
My contact seems to be getting worse by the month. I was being reasonable let my daughter go to a birthday party and instead of 12pm I picked her up 4pm in her mothers presence of course. Mother put my daughter (now aged 10) into my car in back seat always makes a huge fuss "I love you so much" a million times and treats her like a baby. Anyway, as I pulled away daughter says "daddy can you stop I have left a book in mummy's car". I stop and daughter gets out and basically she ran to mother and started crying all upset that she did not want to go to my house. I had plans all weekend with family and daughter was unbelievable. I had driven some 45mins to find this party place and she just kept acting like a baby saying "I just want to go home". She got really outspoken and told me it was her decision what she did - she is only just 10! This is a replica of her mothers behaviour and this meant after standing at their car for an hour begging for her to get in my car she refused. This means I have a 3 week gap of no contact. Mother never offers much support and never offers a compromised weekend to make up lost time.

This is now really getting ridiculous it's like I am having a 10yr old calling the shots and nothing I can do about it. This will only get worse the way I see it if she behaves this way.

Help! I was about to arrange mediation for me and her mother anyway due to on going problems with phone calls, contact, etc. Based on the above it's now apparent daughter may need to get assessed. What should I do?

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