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Next Step
My son has children of 22 months and 5 months.
His partner left with them to allegedly go to a refuge 3 months ago (not re domestic violence).
She has refused to grant him and us access, saying she may allow contact after September. Our (not his) current contact is only via e-mail or her parents.
It has taken a while (long story) for my son to get to the stage of mediation, but this is being tried and so far it's failing. (she repeats her above position)
Is him attending court as a litigant in person his next step to gaining access? How does he prove (if necessary) that mediation has failed?
Once mediation fails they will give you a deadlock letter - that's his time to apply to court - can use a solicitor or self represent

Of course no case is 'simple' and you miss out some important detail so to help improve the response:

Does he have PR (name on birth cert) - if yes - all good, if not he will need to get it on - via court again
Why is she refusing access?
Why has she gone to the refuge - don't give specifics but that seems important to know broadly the reason
Who set up email contact - and why?

Assuming nothing weird going on ... he has a right to see his kids - they are young (under 2) so he may not get overnight access (staying access) but he still shoudl be able to see them and bring them to your house for a visit ... which i guess is what you want

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