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Please help any info.... ?
Long story short, I came home after going to work for a few hours and came home to the flat empty and my wife and child gone, after a while I realised she had taken most bits as we in the process of moving back to Colombia stuff was all over.. now.... Im going to be honest as it's the best policy.... The previous night I had been saying goodbye to all the family we needed to on the phone and people we wouldn't see, now this also fell on a week a very dear aunt of mine was passed for 3 years basically the mom i always wanted.... And previously been I'd been out the UK for 10 years during her death allot of emotions that night. I am getting to the point and no trying to justify my actions... I was an emotional mess I wear my heart on my sleeve - I had taken my usual pain and anxiety meds and also on top of that ones I'm prescribed but don't take... Zolpidem... I took 3/4 as they never usual have strength on me .. Now long time since I've taken those... point is I wanted to sleep and forget as this was a passing phase and I had no problem in going back to Colombia just goodbyes are always long for me in terms of when / if you would see people I had ignored for 10 years and pursued her dream of the UK no matter the financial cost ... So fast forwarding to the next day and finding the flat a little empty I realised she had gone with my soon to be 3 year old... I called my father and went to his and was panicking but remembered that passports were at his for safe keeping... Now my wife hadent at this point asked for them just gone without much of a reason... I picked together much of the evening before and I've had incidents before where I had been zombified.. 2 previous times maybe in all truth... And It all started to come into context... Now, I told my father everything and his wife and we called the police.. As thete may be a chance she pre meditated this as she fled in only 3 hours.... The police finally came to my father's home and explained my wife and son were safe and that she was worried how I would be (emotionally)... One officer also pulled my farther aside at one point to ask for the passports... I was seeing it happening in front of me... Wife leaving and taking the baby back to Colombia... I said no to taking my sons and they didn't say anything... They took my wife's though Took my wife's... Now amidst all this I totally forgot all money was transferred into her accounts as my debts had Risen due fees back and forth getting her to the UK so on so on being married for just over a year been together 6! .. (not to mention my step daughter being denied visa entry and my wife wasn't we had appealed but to no avail) hence the obvious plans to all go back together to Colombia... Now I've held on but I've gone nowhere she's cut all contacts media and so forth.. And today is a week marking the day she's been gone... I can only assume to a refugee as she obviously felt alone... But everyone loves her here and my son.... Anyway... Where do I stand the police said would probably be a week before I heard from her and that she was safe but also - She had shown them this video of me incoherent stumbling about... I've never been a danger she and the kids are my life and I would never ever do her wrong intentions... Now I'm stuck as I've read and read all day/week and no one seems to give any information not even the local children services called me back... And I am at a total loss.. Please advise any thoughts and any advice, and il fill in any gaps..... I just don't see how it's fair that I'm just cut out like this Im not a danger I can only imagine that she would be scared I would hurt only myself or worse in front of the baby I was a walking mess.... Probably looked like I was drunk... And I dont drink!... I feel she has all the cards the wheels are in motion and the debts are all in My name and no plan on what's going on... Most her family Colombia side have also cut me off contact wise... Is this a standard practice in a woman's refugee.... Or what I'm clasping at straws I wanna hug my wife say I'm sorry and that I've continued anyway to sell all our possessions and give back our rented flat here in the uk and I feel she's being directed by people she doesn't know.. Her English is 110% and I know she's missing our daughter... But this is crazy.. I've sent her many emails as everything else just gets denied... I know she's still UK side as phone rings in the UK tone... I'm just at such a loss... I've now clue... This is out of character for her and for me.... But I'm left so alone.... I have not had one contact from her or anyone.... I'm loosing the will to go on like this.. And money is running out as she has it all.... I'm about to be homeless broke I'm so so lost guys and please accept my apologies for any back and for in grama/spelling or accounting...
Quickly and honestly...

From reading that it sounds like your in a bad place at the moment ... you need some help. The forum can be a good place to vent but may be best to answer questions you have when the dust settles and you have a clearer picture of what is going on.

Try and get to speak to someone to help with the emotions (its normal to feel how you are feeling) - Samaritans for example
You can get free legal advice at CAB

Work out whats going on then ask your questions on here

Good luck mate. Stay strong for you kid... the current situation is temporary ... it will get better

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