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10yr old daughter - contact getting less
I am supposed to have contact with my 10yr old daughter every 2 weeks from 12pm Saturday (after her 1hr tennis) and return her to her mother Sunday about 7.30pm.

Last few months basically barely seen her and she is herself in a complete mess because she is confused and is throwing all the shots of when she wants to stay with me at 10yrs old! Her mother has been a nightmare very evil and totally brainwashed her from since she was born and now at this vulnerable age she is barely seeing me. Last contact weekend 2 weeks ago I drove miles to get her from a party and she got in car but then suddenly decides for no reason at all she does not want to come home with me for weekend.

This weekend similar. Huge hyped up nonsense about her being ill with cough and cold and mother almost persuading me to leave this weekend until agrees me to pick her up yesterday at 11am. Daughter gets into car and we had a good day seeing her younger cousin, however, come 7.30pm last night she suddenly changes and starts crying getting extremely stressed and wanting to speak to her mother for again no reason. I had no choice but let her speak to her mother and ended up having no choice but to return her last night having just 1 day and another weekend ruined.

The mother treats her like a baby, does not discipline her, I cannot say anything as it will ruin my chances of contact, her mother has brainwashed her over the years and now at this age she is closer than ever to her mother and I am the stranger daddy who feels totally hopeless.

This cannot continue of course and the mother is just saying "it's just a phase" but obviously I am getting minimal or even no contact.

Friends are saying is this something I should consider contacting social services? It's the child who is now completely screwed up and I feel for her as she has her mother almost laughing getting the outcome she has always wanted....father gets to be pushed away.

Anyone got some helpful advice here? Should I consider calling Social Services since my daughter is completely messed up and at 10yrs old this is crazy?

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